can be a little skittish until he warms up to you then very loving.
11-Nov-2018Denver, CO+8 milesCats for Adoption
Rascal is a big cat tiger stripped sweetheart! He seeks attention and lots of windows ! He also loves snacks like tuna or turkey / chicken. He likes to follow you around the house and keep you company at all times, loves pets , and sleeping aside you !
Hi, I have a ten year old cat named Owsley. He is a precious boy-- I need to find him a temp home until mid-June. My son had agreed to watch him but has gotten terrible eczema after having him for two months. He didn't think he would have a problem because he already has a cat but for some reason Owsley is causing it to become very severe. Owsley is altered and has all his shots and doesn't bit...
Raja is a lovable, loving cat that loves giving head nudges and cuddling. She s very low key, and truly the perfect addition to any household!
7-Nov-2018Aurora, CO+13 milesCats for Adoption
Mia and Nora were adopted around the same time almost eight years ago during our college years. Now my husband and I are expecting our 2nd baby and planning a move back to our home state. Unfortunately, we will be temporarily living with family for a month or 2 who are both allergic to cats. They are super sweet girls who are very loving and patient with small kids . They are pretty close and l...
Lucy is a very adorable, cute fullgrown kitty. I m looking for a nice home to take of her as I am moving into an apartment and can no longer take care of her.
Need to rehome Chloe, a 12-year old gray and white cat. She is very smart and can be very precious when desirous of attention. Friendly with strangers usually (but will hide if they re too loud). No behavioral or health issues, very healthy. Would do best in a single-cat household, no experience with dogs or children. Would be a good pet for a senior person. Can no longer care for her because o...
Unfortunately I am relocating outside the country and am unable to bring my 2 cats, Miguel and Tulio. I am looking for a great home for them both which will give them more room to explore and lots of natural light for them to nap in. They were born in the same litter and grew up together so I would really prefer they stay that way :) Tulio is somewhat timid with new people however he warms up q...
I found Earl on the streets when he was a kitten and brought him in. He was immediately the most playful and affectionate kitty I have ever been around. He loves EVERYONE and will snuggle with anyone willing to hold him. At the time I took Earl in I was single, but in a short-time I met my wife, who is allergic to cats. However, we just made due to minimize her direct contact with Earl, and she...
Maui will ONLY be going with his sister and best friend Catherine in short both have major anxiety without the other catherine has raised Maui as much as i (mamma) have since his early seperation from his bio mom and i dont want to be surrendering either since the loss of my own kids they have become so much more than pets and NEED to go to a home where they will be treated as such please I nee...
6-Nov-2018Golden, CO+18 milesCats for Adoption
Zoey is the cutest, most easy going kitty. I have had her her whole life (9 yrs) and she has never destroyed anything, she's only ever been adorable and playful. She's very shy at 1st, it takes her some time to warm up to strangers, but afterwards she will beg for belly rubs and chin scratches. She loves to look out the window at the world and lay in the sun to warm herself. She free feeds, so ...
We are moving to Florida and are unable to take all of our pets with us. Xena is a mostly black cat who found in a barn as a young kitten and given to us 9yrs ago. She lives with other cats and dogs and gets along with them. She doesn't like kids or strangers and will hide till she feels comfortable. She will need a patient owner with older or no kids.
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